“From my mother’s womb you have been my God.”
"She captured the story of our home birth so beautifully. She even thought to capture small details that others might’ve looked over. I would absolutely welcome her into my birth space again."
"Laikyn did SUCH a wonderful job with our birth photography. I could not recommend her enough. She really went above and beyond our expectations in many ways. And her experience as a Bradley instructor and her training as a doula made the experience even more special."

Birth is messy and emotional, and absolutely worth documenting. You will never get to re-live the experience of having your newborn baby on your chest moments after birth, or your partner holding your hand or rubbing your back during contractions. Having those moments preserved through birth photography is a gift to yourself that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

I believe that birth is sacred and important. I am a big proponent of natural, unmedicated, intervention-limited birth, and as such, I am also an instructor and doula through The Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth ® or Husband-Coached Childbirth ®. I am not only available for birth photography, but also as a doula to students who go through Bradley Method ® classes with me. I offer discounts to families pursuing a natural birth at a birth center or home birth.

Investment & Details

$750 for birth center and home birth clients; or military or ministry families

$950 for hospital births

On call 2 weeks before and up to 2 weeks after due date

Covers labor, delivery, and 1-2 hours post-delivery

Online gallery with print release

24 hour sneak peek for birth announcement

100+ edited images

Travel charges apply outside of Fort Wayne

Discounts available when bundled with maternity and newborn photography. Other discounts available on a case-by-case basis. Reach out to me to make arrangements if you have a special circumstance.

**Very limited availability

"Laikyn is so easy to work with, and I was looking forward to having a photographer with us during labor that is not only passionate about birth but educated as well."

Inquire about Birth Photography

I'm so glad you're considering birth photography! Please include your due date, what provider you are using, and what birth place you plan to use. I'd also love any other details you'd like to share about your baby and birth!